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April 2011

The New Spot - Tony Taj

March 2011

Kazuki Takamatsu's "Prepare For The Unknown Future Enemy" - Hi Fructose Group Show Invitational
2011 Solo show at Flatcolor gallery « W E I R D O C U L T BLOG
smallandround blog: New Limited Edition Print, Proceeds donated to Artists Help Japan
Bherd - Good Omens
Final Weekend at 2101 1st ave Showroom - Tony Taj
EricFortune: Hi Fructose Show Friday(today)
DRAWING ON ALOHA FRIDAY: The Hi-Fructose Group Invitational at Roq La Rue

August 2010


July 2010

Interview with "Pargy" artist Liz Adams; plus Liz Adams sketch giveaway!

May 2010

The Next Generation
TK in the TK Building in May / Opening May 6
Parskid Solo Exhibition "Isolated Frontier" / Doit & Geewiz This Thursday May 6th!
"Beautifully Absurd" this Thursday

April 2010

W3AVE: Kevin 'Sensei23' Sullivan, Zach Bohnenkamp, CASH
Jhonen Vasquez screen prints by Robberfly Press
The Ronin Gallery » NEX GEN
A Family Affair - Live Painting Tonight at Nectar (April 7th)
fabric8: systems mural project launch party
Preview: Kris Kuksi - “Meticulous Engagements” @ Shooting Gallery
Sohaila Adela & Mark Warren Jacques FLATCOLOR GALLERY
meet greet rinse repeat

March 2010

her littlest baby.
MARS-1: Mars solo @Meta Gallery opens April 2nd
Tree Line
smallandround blog: Art Giveaway Today!
JShea9: "bric a brac" collection
Edwin Ushiro NYC Solo Exhibition 2010
Family Fortune
Stacey Rozich's Mini Interview

February 2010

New Website: The Art of Joe Vollan
JP Farquar @ City Hostel Seattle
2h @ Flatcolor
fabric8: ninjagrl 8x8s
Ciou @ Roq La Rue
Sullivan Giles at The Whisky Bar in March
Ladies First at Bherd
Bad Words at TWaC
Urban Construction
Arrested Motion's Preview / Interview of Sarah Joncas - “Shadow Play” @ Roq La Rue Gallery
Artifakt - A Valentine's Art & Music Themed Event
Thought Processor X Joe Vollan
Solace - Survival of the Fittest
Whispers at Gallery 1988
Kelly Vivanco's Fan Page on Facebook
Robert Hardgrave's Momentous at Joshua Liner Gallery
Mama’s Mexican kitchen « JOEY NIX

January 2010

tessar lo at show & tell gallery
Flatcolor's online store updated
New Melissa Moss Paintings for Valentine's Day
"Heart Attack" at 619
"Sweet Dreams" by Jeremiah Ketner
BAD WORDS @ TWaC opens February 11th
Urban Constructions | ArtsWest
John Osgood time lapse - Patriarch
EricFortune: More Progress
West Side Spock No. 2 - Brooklyn Art Project
FLATCOLOR GALLERY- February 2010 Group Exhibition
Speak & Bherd: Ladies First: 2nd Annual Urban Contemporary All Female Art Show
Thought Processor Seattle in February - Bromine